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unmarketable parcel of shares

  1. M

    Consequences of leaving myself with an unmarketable parcel of shares

    I have a holding in a company, and I'm planning to sell it. I am thinking of keeping a small amount to remain eligible for any SPPs they offer in the future. As I see it, my options are: a) Sell all the shares. b) Leave myself holding a single share. c) Leave myself with a bit over $500...
  2. J

    Unmarketable Parcels?

    Would like to dispose of some shares but they are unmarketable parcels. What are the avenues I can take to get rid of them? Do I have to buy more and then sell the whole parcel? (a gamble I really do not want to take) Thanks
  3. S

    What to do with unmarketable parcels

    Through mergers and demergers and me not seeing letters etc etc.. I've ended up with worthless amounts of shares that aren't worth selling and aren't worth keeping. Worth $140, $130, $330. Is there a way to dump them and avoid paying $90 brokerage?