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  1. dutchie

    Universities are disgusting

    I am disgusted with where universities are now positioned in regard to free speech, free thought and free debate. Universities used to be places where there was free thought and where different ideas were fostered. They could be freely discussed , debated and analysed. This is no longer the...
  2. R

    University or TAFE?

    Hey guys so it's that time of year where I will start Uni again but was thinking about my options, I looked at it this way "If I go university I have to do all those boring units in order to do 1 job. But if I go to Tafe I can do strictly what I am interested in but I run the risk if I want to...
  3. E

    Entering the Finance Industry

    Hey guys i'm starting university next year, looking to get ultimately into the finance industry. Not sure where yet its a pretty massive industry. I'm thinking investment banking/venture capital, ultimate goal of a hedge fund. Like every other guy right ;) So i'm going to do a BA in commerce...
  4. Garpal Gumnut

    Buy a Degree at University of Queensland - No study required

    The Gumnut College of Higher Education Inc ( Domiciled in St. Peterport, Guernsey ) has formed a partnership with the University of Queensland, to provide degrees and doctorates in a multitude of disciplines. The GCHE has a proud tradition of placing candidates with no inside connections in...
  5. salz

    Which University?

    Hi pals, I'm from Singapore... I know this topic might be off track, but hope to get good advice from pals down under... Looking forward to a education in australia, interested in Accounting or Electronics Engineering... I'm an average grade student... Any recommendation on which university?