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  1. M

    Are unions and the housing market trashing the economy?

    Unions are creating perverse incentives for individuals to go into low value added jobs which create no others jobs in the economy and are directly contrary to developing a modern economy. Tradesmen generally earn more than engineers and innovators. Why is that ? Is it a good thing or a bad...
  2. Garpal Gumnut

    Royal Commission into Union Corruption

    It has just been announced. via SMH gg
  3. V

    Unionized industries

    Hi all, Does anyone know the advantages and disadvantages of a unionized industry? I'd like to know about this so I came for help to the best place which is right here, ASF Thanks in advance
  4. dutchie

    Union Corruption

    Read this pdf file for a financial synopsis of the AWU scandal.
  5. sptrawler

    Will there be a Royal Commission into unions?

    I think it would be in the the Labor Party's best interest to have a royal commission into the finances of the unions, just to clear the air and show they are all above board. How about that for joke of the week.LOL,LOL,LOL