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  1. Value Collector

    Universal Basic Income: the answer to unemployment by automation

    Traditionally, The goods and services we need and want have been produced by a blend of Capital and labour. However, increasingly the labour component is shrinking which will eventually lead to mass unemployment caused by a smaller need for workers, while the capital investment needed gets more...
  2. Knobby22

    457 Visas, unemployment and corruption

    Anyone reading SMH or the Age over the last few days will have seen the massive fraud and corruption going on with the 457 visas. A known mullah with links to the Taliban bringing in his mates under the 457 Visa system to do who knows what? Department figures showing that up to 90% of 457...
  3. sptrawler

    $4 unemployment insurance: Is it the beginning of the U.S model?

    I don't know what everyone else thinks, but this is the beginning of the end of the dole?:D It smacks of the way the British based pension scheme was scuttled. LOL the unions are supporting it.