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understanding options

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    Understanding Index Options

    Picture below is the at the money call market for the XJO option series. Now I know that the notional value is 1 point = $10 so in this example the contract value is 58,650 I don't understand the bid/offer. If I want to buy 1 contract XJOM27 (which I assume is June) how much will it cost me...
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    Understanding Options

    Hi, I came across an option with an exercise price of $1.00 until mid-December. The premium per contract is $20 and the fee's are $30. The current price of the share on the market is $41.00. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I buy 4 contracts, I will pay $80 in premium, $30 in fees and...
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    Need help understanding aspects of options

    Hi there, I've gained a good understanding of the theory behind Options but I've got a few outstanding issues that I would really like some help with. Firstly, is there a metric that says how many options of a particular option code are available to purchase? I'm finding option codes in the...