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  1. basilio

    Finding the truth vs. "The Rule of Law"

    Last week the AG Christian Porter denounced accusations of rape against him as completely false. The accusations had been passed to the NSW Police who announced that because the person who had initially contacted them had not made a formal statement before she died there was insufficient...
  2. wayneL

    Sex, Truth and Fiction

    When I first started going out with the woman who has now been my wife for 33 years, one of my "mates" came up and said something like "you lucky c###, I hear she ia a real slut!" Though I had only known her a short time, this did not seem true, and I said so. But he proceeded to detail all...
  3. basilio

    Being sued for telling the truth

    One of the most valuable parts of ASF is having open and frank discussions about some/many very questionable investing opportunities offered. It is refreshing to hear members offer insights into what are sometimes quite dangerous "investments". But it seems that truth is not necessarily a...
  4. basilio

    Truth in Business

    Thought it was worth opening this topic in light of the court case in Brisbane investigating the economics behind Adanis quest for a huge new coal mine. Simple story is that Adanis business case for the coal mine projected $22b income (royalaties and taxes) for Queensland/Commonwealth...
  5. Timmy

    Deep Truths about the Markets and Investing

    Nice blog post: Deep Truths about the Markets and Investing The writer lists his observations. For beginners there is some great advice, and something to offend nearly everyone! My...
  6. B

    Speaking truth to power

    Hi, The 2000s - or noughties - stand as a monumental failure to speak truth to power. And that is being highlighted right now. The audacity of Tony Blair to front the Chilcott Inquiry into Britain's involvement in the Iraq war and repeat ad nauseum the little lies, obfuscations and the...
  7. R

    The Shocking Truth about Super Co-Contributions

    If losing money was a crime, there would be over 2 million Australians facing trial every year. That’s how many Australians are throwing money away by not participating in the government’s superannuation co-contributions scheme. The scheme was introduced in 2003 and designed to help low to...