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  1. Trav.

    AmiBroker Tips and Tricks

    Sharing a couple of things that I learnt today and should be part of your backup, as I have learnt the hard way ( as usual ) - When creating your own snippets of code Amibroker creates a new file C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\UserSnippets.xml - When creating notes for each stock Amibroker stores...
  2. tech/a

    ASF Trading/Tips/Tricks/Gems and Wisdoms: What YOU should know!

    Post tips and wisdoms here. From one line to threads. Although its mine I think everyone will benefit.
  3. M

    Tips and tricks to get more profit?

    Hi. I am looking to simple ideas and tricks to how to invest and where to invest and how to earn more profit with low investment. Please share your ideas and tricks.
  4. Uncle Festivus

    The Internet: Tips, Tricks & Privacy

    Not sure if there's a topic already so here goes.... I use Firefox Browser with the following ad-ons - Adblock Plus - English (Australian) Dictionary - Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on - Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out (TACO) - or Do Not Track Plus You will be amazed at who is...
  5. tech/a

    Potential & Breakout trading--Technical tips and tricks

    One of the best forms of trend following entry signals. There is much discussion on both Breakout and Potential breakout threads. While there is some good info offered up there are also lots of trading hints which can increase the traders hit rate/return and understanding of these important...
  6. noirua

    Magic, tricks or anything that fools us

    Just a simple trick of the eyes as a start:
  7. RichKid

    Mobile phone tricks, tips & tidbits

    Have you guys tried this out (got it via email)? Is it just a dodgy trick? I cannot vouch for this so be careful if it stuffs up your phone or your health- at your own risk!! Feedback welcome from mobile and telecom any other interesting bits here too please. I tried it with...