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  1. G

    Basic trading using trendlines

    i'm getting use to all this but would like some clarification . say i'm interested in buying in some stock that is currently trending upward - eg cba. i draw the trendline , and it's still going up, but HOW DO I KNOW WHEN TO COME IN? the price may not necessarily go down to the line and bounce...
  2. darkhorse70

    How to draw basic up and down trendlines?

    Just as the title suggests how do you draw a proper trend line to figure out if its in a down trend or up trend. My problem is that say for example the price action is bearish. You draw a down trend connecting the highs and obviously they are making lower highs. Is the down trend line suppose to...
  3. GreatPig

    GP_Trendlines AmiBroker Plugin and AFL Files

    Here is the trend line drawing plugin for AmiBroker and AFL code to use it. Instructions are included in a PDF file as well as at the start of each AFL file. While I think it works reasonably well now (although the backtester is pretty slow), I'll probably keep working on it and updating it...