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  1. ducati916

    Trading the Trend

    So the market still trading strong. The MA crossover still hasn't occurred yet, but it (obviously) will at some point next week now. The emphasis on this thread therefore is to catch as much of the trend as possible. That is to include: (a) major pullbacks; (b) which if successful in...
  2. T

    Gold CFD Day and Trend Trade Journal [Demo]

    Why Journal For a Demo account? I need numbers before the real deal. To help keep disciplined. To show other newbs what to do/not do. We always see good trades , but I would like others to see the bad ones too. So we I /we can learn from mistakes without losses. No way I would go into day...
  3. G

    Trend trading, managing exits (share starts to range after entry...)

    as a new trader , just wondering what approach people use. say you get into a trend that's going up nicely, and you enter on a new high BO with initial stop loss outside the swing low. a common setup... what if the share starts to range and does a few 'waves' horizontally. should you...
  4. R

    Trend Trading VSA

    Gday guys I am a technical trend trader using VSA to find high probability setups. I will be posting tutorials on this thread regularly showing my method and the process I use. I might even post potential setups for London session. I just need to go over the forum rules and make sure I'm...
  5. CanOz

    Random Line Exercise

    I use trend lines in my trading, generally on the daily charts to mark support and resistance. I want to know where the stops are, especially a cluster of higher highs or lower lows, these can be great opportunities.... However, we tend to give too much weight to lines on a chart. To prove...
  6. M

    Trend Trading Basics

    Hi Everyone, I am after some confirmation from the experienced out there in relation to trend trading; I understand I am looking for the following going long and the opposite when going short At least 2 x higher highs and high lows from the closing price or vice versa for shorting...
  7. G

    Basic trading using trendlines

    i'm getting use to all this but would like some clarification . say i'm interested in buying in some stock that is currently trending upward - eg cba. i draw the trendline , and it's still going up, but HOW DO I KNOW WHEN TO COME IN? the price may not necessarily go down to the line and bounce...
  8. pixel

    Pixel's Picks - potential trend reversals off the bottom

    I routinely run a special scan across the entire ASX, trying to pick up just this kind of stocks that look like having found a bottom and about to reverse back up. As I can't trade everything, there are times when many really promising results of these market analysis runs "go to waste". So...
  9. P

    Nick Radge's Weekend Trend Trader

    Does anyone have any experience using Nick Radge's Weekend Trend Trader? Thinking of buying his TurnKey code. The system generates an incredible MAR (CAGR/maxDD) of 1.16 on the US market (Russell 3000 small cap) over 17 years (1995 - 2012).
  10. P

    Trend System Metrics Comparison

    If you had to choose one of the below three trend following systems to trade, which one would you pick and why? System A: CAGR 24% maxDD 31% MAR 0.77 W/L 2.18 Win% 43% System B: CAGR 31% maxDD 39% MAR 0.79 W/L 2.30 Win% 47% System C: CAGR 28% maxDD 24% MAR 1.17 W/L 1.73...
  11. S

    Lower Price Trend, Increasing Stochastic Trend

    A TA system that I'm refining. This is my first post on ASF! Rules; 1. Stock must be in a lower price trend 2. Price trend must be matched by a bounce in the Stochastic Oscillator 3. Price must breakout from down trend or consolidation, this is when entry occurs 4. A stop is placed 1 to...
  12. IB12

    Main types of short term trading strategies - breakouts, trends, counter-trend

    Hi all, I'm usually a swing and position trader so my knowledge in this area isn't as strong. I'm trying to understand the shorter term mindset, and I'd just like to know what are the main types of trading strategies for short term traders. As far as I can tell there are 3 or 4 main...
  13. K

    Combining 'Trend Trading' principles with Options Leverage

    G'Day Forum readers, As the title says, I have been interested for quite a while in combining the principles of 'Trend Trading' with the leverage offered by applying basic Put and Call options on the underlying stock. I dabbled last year but found that my process lacked some of the...
  14. dj_420

    Potential Trend Reversals

    just wondering what others think of this thread. at ASF we have a breakout thread, potential breakout thread, what about creating a potential trend reversal thread? as everyone knows not all stocks are going up all the time. my point is that we can pool knowledge regarding...