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trembling hand

  1. Trembling Hand

    TH's data, conniptions and brain dumps

    I made a comment on Monday about the way I expected the markets to react based on experience, So with another comment I made here, I thought I would hold myself to the same scrutiny that I was dumping on the H&S and technical analysis guys and test it. I grabbed the index data for...
  2. tech/a

    Where's T/H?

  3. tech/a

    Trembling Hand

    Where has he gone? It's all very strange as his blog hasn't been added to since march Right in the middle of mid conversation? I remember a post saying he was concentrating on things he felt important . Vanished without a trace???
  4. Trembling Hand

    TH's buy & hedge system

    I have a system that is longer term than my normal 1-5 min trading. Thought I might post the trading here as an ongoing record. I'll base it on a 1 mil paper trading account for this example. Basic idea is a swing trading setup trading ASX 20 stocks but instead of selling to lock in profits...