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  1. dutchie

    Travel - Where to go/Where not to go?

    Where not to go Thailand
  2. pavilion103

    My Trip to India - November 2013

    As promised here is a re-cap of my India trip. I will spread it out over a number of posts as I'm not sure how lengthy each one will be. As most on the forum will know, I am a Christian. I am an involved member in a Pentecostal Christian church in the Adelaide CBD. In November 2013...
  3. sptrawler

    Sptrawler off the air for three months

    Well unfortunately I will be unable to continue with the thrust and parry of our debates. Like Prawn who has gone on a sojourn to South America I will be conducting my own treck to Asia, Africa, U.K, France, Switzerland,Italy. Leaving Wednesday C Ya next financial year.:D
  4. T

    Travelling to Europe/Currency Conversion

    My girlfriend is traveling to Europe on the 1st July 2010 for 9 months and I'm leaving September for 3.5 months. What we are not sure about is if we should be buying the Euro now or waiting. We both have Wizard credit cards that can be used a debit card over there. The card offers zero...
  5. kennas

    Travel updates

    I've been in Peru for nine weeks now and it's going better than expected. Miraflores is quite a nice area and we have an apartment right on the cliff looking over the ocean. Being on the 16th floor gives a fantastic 270 degree view of the ocean and around to the central part of Lima...
  6. Stan 101

    Funny world travellers stories

    This one came from when I was back in Burma last week catching up with an old female mate from Manchester. She spoke of the first time she was in India and the first thing the rickshaw driver said to her was "I want a bang lassie - you?" She thought she was gettiing hit on.... She learnt better...
  7. Joe Blow

    ASF Travel Photos

    As some of you know, travel is one of my passions. A while ago an ASF member urged me to post some photos of my recent backpacking adventure to Eastern Europe. I said that I would and then procrastinated. :D Anyway, I finally resized some photos and have decided to post a few. I thought...
  8. J

    Essential Travel Tips

    Thought it maybe interesting to have a Travel thread for those whom make plenty of money out of the market and Travel. Questions can be thrown backwards and forwards regarding, What Hotels to recommend in a certain city, whats the best location within that city, etc etc I travel the world...
  9. doctorj

    Travelling Europe in Winter

    I am looking into travelling Europe. Unfortunately, the only time I am able to get away from work is Feb-Mid Apr. I am concerned that the weather will hamper an otherwise enjoyable trip. Has anyone been to Europe in Winter before? I intend to visit several countries, so will only take a...