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trailing stop loss

  1. J

    Do any brokers support trailing stop loss?

    Hi guys, New user, new trader here... Basic question, I’m setting up a trend/momentum trading system and want to apply a % based stop loss at the beginning of my trade. CommSec seem to support conditional orders but fixed/limit price. Do any brokers support trailing stop loss conditional...
  2. I

    Amibroker Chandelier Stop

    /* Chandelier Exit (long) = 22-day High - ATR(22) x 3 Chandelier Exit (short) = 22-day Low + ATR(22) x 3 */ period = 22; HH = HHV( C, 22 ); LL = LLV( C, 22 ); EnableLong = ParamToggle("Long", "On|Off", 0); EnableShort = ParamToggle("Short", "On|Off", 0); CHST_L = HH - ATR(period) * 3; CHST_S...
  3. K

    Need assistance to set trailing stop loss on NAB IRESS

    Hi all, I have a few shares that are starting to run and I would like to add a trailing stop loss. I have access to the NAB IRESS but unfortunately the help files are basically non existent. I see the the IRESS software is used by many companies and different modules and aspects of the IRESS...
  4. Gringotts Bank

    Broker with point trailing stops

    Anyone know of a broker offering point ($/cent) trailing stops for Aus stocks? Bell and Etrade have % trailing stops, but I need point stops. Thanks.
  5. pavilion103

    Trailing Stop Loss

    Has anyone found that there is a "more" ideal % range from current price to put an initial stop loss? Obvously 2%-5% would see you stopped out a lot Over 10% would see you not make a lot of profit unless a big movement. I know it depends on the overall system and how often you need to...