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  1. stronks

    Aussie Trading Apps

    Hi, I’m a beginner and researching things before jumping in to the stock market. I’m just wondering what applications people use in Australia for automated trading on the ASX? There is a lot of applications, but not sure which can be automated, and if they are any good. I’m trying to find a...
  2. R

    Anyone tried their hand at Forex Trading?

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone's tried Foreign exchange trading before and how it went for them. :)
  3. 5937539859582754

    Algorithimic/quantative trading?

    People on Aussie Stock Forums, does anyone have much experience in Algo/quant trading? I'm looking to get better in the area. I'm 2 years off finishing my university degree (I do computer science and economics) and enjoy the computer science side a lot more than economics. I'd think about doing...
  4. D

    Any broker for US extended hours trading?

    Hi all. I am fairly new to the stock market and was wondering, If I wanted to trade U.S stocks during extended trading hours, what brokers can I do this with ?
  5. M

    Share Purchase Plan Trading

    Has anybody explored this offering being marketed it is called Share Purchase Plan Harvester (SPP Harvester) Idea is 1) You purchase 1 share each of selected 300 ASX listed companies 2) If and when any of company announces a SPP you get to participate, idea is there will be a discount, you...
  6. tollbridge

    The 30 Day Bloomberg Challenge

    Hi ASF I first joined this forum back in 2009 when I was a retail Day Trader straight out of school. Since then I'd like to think I've grown up a little and I've enjoyed a career as both a retail trader and stockbroker. I have witnessed first-hand the difference between the level of news and...
  7. D

    What's SelfWealth or Robinhood equivalent for trading Warrants & Options?

    Hi all, What's SelfWealth or Robinhood equivalent for trading Warrants & Options.
  8. TraderJimmy

    International vs. Local trading - costs and traps?

    As I research and backtest strategies, as well as paper trading - I'm starting to think ahead to when I will take the plunge on a system that I'm comfortable with. One area I'm unsure of is the cost (and other) implications for trading on international exchanges (eg NYSE) as opposed to Local...
  9. Dominover

    Metastock - Anyone used this?

    Has anyone here used Metastock? I'm looking at all the trading software at the moment and have heard some good things about Metastock. I just want to trade Australian stocks and have the flexibility for market plug-ins like 'Market Profile' and others. Will need down to 1 minute live data...
  10. System

    PBH - Pointsbet Holdings

    PointsBet is a corporate bookmaker with operations in Australia and New Jersey (United States). PointsBet has developed a scalable cloud-based wagering Platform through which it offers its Clients innovative sports and racing wagering products. PointsBet commenced developing its scalable...
  11. over9k

    Trading bankrupt companies

    The last big one was hertz, wirecard looks like it'll be the next one/might be worth a swing at, anyone had any success? I'm tempted to throw some small amounts around just as a bit of fun more than anything.
  12. A

    Starting Our Network

    Hello! I'm a 21 year old recent uni graduate in Economics and Finance. I've recently started trading again and would really like to build up my network in the stock trading world. In the past ive seen great returns but I'm fully aware of my limitations. Knoweledge and disciussion is the key to...
  13. frugal.rock

    Trading the W oscillation

    Someone had to call it. A fluffed up, retail pushed market has seemingly come to an end due to satisfactory insider selling strength from December. Market was stalling mid last week. I didn't react till Friday...:oops: Have decided to work on an Excell spreadsheet whilst the cat is amongst the...
  14. Dominover

    Forex trading Australia?

    I've never really looked into trading Forex but now I'm giving it considerable thought. There's a million and one videos and articles on the web talking about forex trading.. Every second trader on the web claims to be trading forex. As I am clueless about this topic, would somebody be able to...
  15. ducati916

    Trading the Trend

    So the market still trading strong. The MA crossover still hasn't occurred yet, but it (obviously) will at some point next week now. The emphasis on this thread therefore is to catch as much of the trend as possible. That is to include: (a) major pullbacks; (b) which if successful in...
  16. L

    Trading education and tips

    Hi all, I have been trading for a few weeks now and really enjoying. I have a lot of books yet to read but I usually find myself spending hours just looking at charts trying to find what to buy. I was using the chartist for their advise and found that really useful, but now that they closed, I...
  17. Z

    Trading Options, Selling Premium (Fig Leaf/PMCC)

    I've a query whether anyone here trades options by selling premium, ie covered calls. This does not seem to be popular strategy used by Australians, yet in the USA there are countless people doing it with large success. My question here is if anyone has views on instead of using stock, using...
  18. D

    Trading strategies for entries

    Hi, I'm trying to get back into trading, my main experience using swing trading to identify entries (trading CFDs). I am looking for a complimentary or alternate trading signals to use to improve my chance of successful trades. Can anyone offer advice on what style of identifying they find most...
  19. E

    COVID-19 Trading

    Hi guys! I am a newbie in stock trading. I would like to ask for advice on trading during COVID-19. What is your strategy and tips that you would offer to newbies like me? Thanks in advance for sharing!
  20. Roller_1

    CFDs for trading indices

    Wondering if anyone out there is trading any indices purely with CFD's? short to medium term day trading, 5, 15m charts etc. Using predominantly wyckoff & S/R zones. Not having volume obviously isn't ideal but the low entrance costs compared to futures for someone new to discretionary stuff is...