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  1. W

    Trading system template for Amibroker

    We use multiple trading systems to actively trade on exchanges, some manually and some fully automated. All analysis and backtesting is done in Amibroker and we have built a separate overarching custom software to help us automate the full pipeline. However, I often notice that when someone...
  2. Student of Gann

    Trading the Nasdaq

    Two Dates are indicated , either the 24th September or the 4th October . I will prepare a Curve out till November which will be posted on the website tomorrow.
  3. Student of Gann

    IG Markets trading and CFDs

    i am considering opening up a small account , I assume that the IG platform just deals with cfds is that correct? Hypothetically how would i trade a CFD contract on this example or is there another instrument that i would use to enter these trades .Example No 1 : lets say I entered a sell...
  4. tech/a

    How to Trade or Invest Profitably - "Without The Bullsh*t" - Technical Analysis Step by Step Tutorial Plus Q&A Thread

    Can I ask that you please keep this sort of discussion separate to the Original thread The initial thread requires some for some a degree of learning and understanding To that end over time I will present and discuss with those interested the Basic and more advanced T/A required to trade this...
  5. M

    Looking for a trading broker

    I've watched a lot of videos and been reading a lot of different brokers, but I don't know which one is the best can someone please help me? IB, IG, CMC, Stake, self Wealth, thinkorswim etc
  6. basilio

    Trading in fresh water, fresh air

    As people around the world come to terms with depleted environments and the strains of living in polluted COVID ridden cities, teh economic opportunities of selling clean fresh air are multiplying. Perhaps this company could be a good investment? And before you dismiss it as fanciful it was...
  7. V

    ASX 200 Monthly Momentum Strategy - Review and Insights

    Hi All, I have attached the strategy backtest report from Amibroker for a monthly strategy I am working on. Whilst the results look promising, I wanted to get feedback on the stats, where you see issues. I am concerned about the Monte carlo analysis. I donot fully understand on how to...
  8. J

    Trading day - does it matter? Monthly rotational system.

    Hello, I have implemented Clenow's rotational system from the Stock on the move book - monthly rotation, calculations on daily bars. The system has five parameters and after optimization phase I reached CAR to MaxSysDD ratio almost 1. Trained on S&P500, past 13 years. Trading was done at opening...
  9. tech/a

    How to trade and/or invest profitably --- without the Bullsh*t

    Its Nearly Feb and the world is trying to vaccinate in a global pandemic--- 2021 AUSTRALIA DAY. I've been trading 30 years ---In that time I've had countless people contact me wanting to know the "Holy Grail" The "Secret Sauce". I've traded Both Systematically eg "Techtrader" as seen in Radges...
  10. Linus van Pelt

    Managing Multiple Strategies

    Say you're trading multiple strategies, A, B, and C. Say A & B are weekly and C is daily. Say each has $100K initial equity, but could have different position sizes and other criteria. Each strategy would create its own portfolio, so strategy == portfolio - they are synonymous. Each...
  11. stronks

    Aussie Trading Apps

    Hi, I’m a beginner and researching things before jumping in to the stock market. I’m just wondering what applications people use in Australia for automated trading on the ASX? There is a lot of applications, but not sure which can be automated, and if they are any good. I’m trying to find a...
  12. R

    Anyone tried their hand at Forex Trading?

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone's tried Foreign exchange trading before and how it went for them. :)
  13. 5937539859582754

    Algorithimic/quantative trading?

    People on Aussie Stock Forums, does anyone have much experience in Algo/quant trading? I'm looking to get better in the area. I'm 2 years off finishing my university degree (I do computer science and economics) and enjoy the computer science side a lot more than economics. I'd think about doing...
  14. D

    Any broker for US extended hours trading?

    Hi all. I am fairly new to the stock market and was wondering, If I wanted to trade U.S stocks during extended trading hours, what brokers can I do this with ?
  15. M

    Share Purchase Plan Trading

    Has anybody explored this offering being marketed it is called Share Purchase Plan Harvester (SPP Harvester) Idea is 1) You purchase 1 share each of selected 300 ASX listed companies 2) If and when any of company announces a SPP you get to participate, idea is there will be a discount, you...
  16. tollbridge

    The 30 Day Bloomberg Challenge

    Hi ASF I first joined this forum back in 2009 when I was a retail Day Trader straight out of school. Since then I'd like to think I've grown up a little and I've enjoyed a career as both a retail trader and stockbroker. I have witnessed first-hand the difference between the level of news and...
  17. D

    What's SelfWealth or Robinhood equivalent for trading Warrants & Options?

    Hi all, What's SelfWealth or Robinhood equivalent for trading Warrants & Options.
  18. TraderJimmy

    International vs. Local trading - costs and traps?

    As I research and backtest strategies, as well as paper trading - I'm starting to think ahead to when I will take the plunge on a system that I'm comfortable with. One area I'm unsure of is the cost (and other) implications for trading on international exchanges (eg NYSE) as opposed to Local...
  19. Dominover

    Metastock - Anyone used this?

    Has anyone here used Metastock? I'm looking at all the trading software at the moment and have heard some good things about Metastock. I just want to trade Australian stocks and have the flexibility for market plug-ins like 'Market Profile' and others. Will need down to 1 minute live data...
  20. System

    PBH - Pointsbet Holdings

    PointsBet is a corporate bookmaker with operations in Australia and New Jersey (United States). PointsBet has developed a scalable cloud-based wagering Platform through which it offers its Clients innovative sports and racing wagering products. PointsBet commenced developing its scalable...