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  1. Badger Hund

    Looking for FX trading webinars, mentors, training suited to Aus TZ

    I'm a newbie to FX. I'm currently a member of SB Trade Desk. The group is very good and I feel I'm learning enough to justify the cost. But the webinars are late at night and they cover action that happens overnight. I'd much prefer to keep my trading activity to the daytime. Can anyone...
  2. G

    Free Trading Webinars

    Join our Free Trading Web-based Seminar. Let me know what you think about them. --------- Our live free webinars provide valuable insight into a variety of subjects relating to the Foreign Exchange Market and the fundamentals of the financial markets. There will be a Question & Answer...
  3. S

    Weekly/monthly trading seminars?

    Does anybody know if any major cities (syd,mel) have conferences, seminars that talk about trading styles, strategies, what/when/how, technical indicator applying etc. for stock trading? Or webinars on utube or equivalent? Is there a calendar of upcoming events I can find somewhere?