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trading tools

  1. howardbandy

    Tools being used by your trading competition

    Greetings -- I have long encouraged individual traders and small trading companies to improve their analytical skills, particularly in areas of mathematics, programming, modeling, and simulation. The link at the bottom of this posting is a presentation by Stephen Simmons at one of the...
  2. M

    Pairs trading tools/spread trading

    Anybody experience on any of these tools for pairs trading ( My interest is Futures to Futures rather than stock to stock) I am aware there is along thread on Pairtradefinder but all this is about stock to stock which is capital intensive
  3. J

    Moving average trading - tools?

    Hi all, I'm fairly interested in moving average trading to make mid- and long-term decisions based on trends. Which tools do people generally use to plot stocks? Do you load stuff into excel (if so: where do you load them from) and plot yourself or are there dedicated tools? Ideally looking...
  4. The Trooper

    Skaffold - Who's using it and what do you think?

    Skaffold is the web-based subscription application recently launched in Australia by Roger Montgomery and his team. It provides quality and performance ratings based on the business qualities, management and how the cash flow and financials stack up. It also provides forward intrinsic valuations...
  5. R

    Tools to help a top down approach to trading

    I currently use Comsec as a broker and it's advanced charting software (free). Could anyone recommend what charting software and data to use for the following indicators: 1. Relative strength comparison for index-sector-stocks. 2. Advance decline 3. New high_low I have read in a...