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trading the spi

  1. Mr Bear

    Mr Bear’s Daily SPI Trades

    Will start posting live trades from tomorrow. 11am ish each day. Last night I opened long at 6190 in sycom closing at 6216 today so I have no open positions. Weekly trend - UP Daily trend - UP Intraday trend - Remains UP
  2. TortoiseTrader

    Trading the SPI - day trading development journal

    This journal will be a pictorial, and technical discussion of my Trades. But in particular my rational explanations of how I analyse The market to justify taking a trade. It will also act as a journal Of my losers and winners - and my notes concerning those aspects such as rules followed...
  3. M

    Where to trade the SPI 200?

    Hi there, Im new to the forums, I have a quick question I have been trying to find a platform to trade the SPI200 on with live charts at the same time, is there any out there? Thank you.
  4. Bronte

    Trading The SPI (Open)

    It is often quoted that the SPI is "Opened by amateurs, closed by professionals" My intention is to use this thread as a place for preopen SPI discussion. Any / all market calls will be made before the SPI opens. 09:49:30 A maximum Stoploss of eight points will be used, at all times. Only...
  5. James Austin

    Trading the SPI and FTSE

    1] SDI shows diminishing demand (blue elipse) building at this price 2] SPI struggling to move up to next fib 3270 (yellow circle) 3] short trade??
  6. jersey10

    How did you trade the SPI today?

    As a beginner trying to learn about day trading the SPI, I was watching the 1 minute spi chart from about 1:30 to 3pm today just watching how it behaves. It took off on an uptrend at about 2pm after a head and shoulders pattern developed between 12:30 and 1:45pm. Did anyone trade it today...
  7. Bronte

    Trading the SPI

    My very own Blog :) Thank you for Joe
  8. Bronte

    Trading the SPI

    Nearly 100 point drop 4896 Low :)