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  1. Tosslem

    Amibroker and daily management of trading system (Exploration and ApplyStop)

    As a novice AmiBroker user, I’m searching the best solution how to scan trading signals on a daily basis. In this regard, I have come to the problem that as far as I know the ApplyStop does not show signals in the Exploration mode. Is there any way to make the ApplyStop function to give trading...
  2. J

    Trading day - does it matter? Monthly rotational system.

    Hello, I have implemented Clenow's rotational system from the Stock on the move book - monthly rotation, calculations on daily bars. The system has five parameters and after optimization phase I reached CAR to MaxSysDD ratio almost 1. Trained on S&P500, past 13 years. Trading was done at opening...
  3. MovingAverage

    Emergency Exit for Weekly System

    G'day all, Hope the markets are treating you well. Being a person to try and take something positive from a bad experience I've been reviewing how my systems performed during the COVID March sell off to see if there is anything I could do to improve my system performance for similar future...
  4. Trav.

    Amibroker System Backtesting

    For those interested I ran an optimisation on my PositionSize for one for my strategies I am playing with and bellow are the results. Before Fixed PositionSize is 10k After is a mixture of 5k to 15k and definitely not what I would have expected VolatileBear, 15000 QuietBear, 5000 QuietBull...
  5. frugal.rock

    Good Trades, Bad Trades: A crude manual system

    First cab off the rank. Profit 3.7974683544303 % / $ 672.50 (Centrepoint entry)
  6. MovingAverage

    Swing System

    Happy Monday Y'all (gotta try and be upbeat in these troubling times), So all my systems are off and I'm 100% cash (no surprises there, right). Anyway, I found myself with a bit of spare time these days so I thought to myself instead of picking useless fights with forum trolls I'd bring my...

    System testing/backtesting: any pros out there to hire?

    Tried option trading 30 years ago, you know - the three legged stool thing -1) money management, 2) system for entry and exit and3) DISCIPLINE to adhere to the rules in the first two legs. First two were successful but crashed with discipline. Still have money management skills and...
  8. MovingAverage

    My New Monthly System

    Greetings All, Over the past eighteen months I've been kicking around a few ideas for a monthly based systematic trading system. About three months ago I got serious about developing and testing the system and I'm reasonably happy with the system's performance and I'm now at the stage of...
  9. Trav.

    Weekly System - Preferred buying day

    All, I am working on my weekly system and by default it appears that people scan after Friday's close and buy on Monday's open. I have often thought that buying on a Friday would be a better option (price) for an entry as people might be closing out their positions prior to the weekend. Now I...
  10. qldfrog

    qldfrog weekly Skate inspired system

    Following both a change of circumstances and the trigger of the Dump it thread by Skate, I decided to plunge again into system trading. Based on code provided initially by Skate and after discussions with @Lone Wolf, @Newt, @jjbinks and @Habakkuk and @Wyatt, I heavily tweaked the initial code...
  11. D

    Scalp System (50-500% monthly)

    Hello traders I present my scalping with price action system. Is a system automatic. I have been working on this project for more than 2 years that finally comes to light. After many tests I can already say that it is profitable. He works in the major currency pairs. The profit can be of...
  12. R

    Piranha Profits - Adam Khoo trading system

    Hi all, First post here! I'm curious to see if anyone else uses the Piranha Profits trading system by Adam Khoo? He is a technical swing-trader and has a number of videos and How-To's on YouTube, as well as a daily alert system. He has (imho) a very good money management and risk management...
  13. tradefloor

    XJO Trading System

    Hi All, So I thought I'd join in the conversation around trading systems as this has been something I have been interested in over the last 13 or 14 years. I've built a few over the years that I have used on and off, but, generally, I was never 100% committed to them as I used to spend 10...
  14. Gringotts Bank

    LSE versus HKEX

    Which index of stocks would be better for a mean reverting strategy?
  15. A

    Live trade on «Masked money» system

    In this topic, I will trade on the trading system «Masked money ». Maybe you'll like the definition of a major player in the market.
  16. B

    Gregory Mannarino's Evolution System - What trading platform works?

    Hi All, I'm very new to this platform and I thought that I would come here because this forum has lots of activity .. I've just purchased Gregory Mannarino's Evolution System which is based off Fidelity Active Trader Pro in the US, now Australians can't get access to that trading platform...
  17. Trendnomics

    Two Portfolios - One Mechanical System - A Trend-following Diary

    Hey guys/girls, I've been a long time non-contributing reader of ASF - hopefully this thread will be a good start to correcting my imbalance. The purpose of this thread is to provide a diary/update-log for two systematic equity trend-following portfolio's I run (a SMSF Portfolio and...
  18. G

    Reverse Scale System

    Hi All, To begin with, I am a total newbie in stock trading (embryo, in fact), and this is my first post here, so apologies in advance for inappropriateness etc. I am contemplating over Reverse Scale Strategy (from Five Minute Investing by Braden Glett) for long term trading. It appears to...
  19. Roller_1

    Viable trading system statistics

    Curious to know when you guys build a system, what are the stats you look for ie. returns vs drawdowns etc. What are the minimums and maximums that you would look for to make it a viable system?
  20. RobertoHood

    95% ASX100 success rate

    Hello, Over the past 4 years i have been working to develop a system that can predict weekly moves tracking all companies listed in the ASX100. I have refined this now to the point where i get on average an accuracy rate of 95.65% With percentage gains averaging 1.62% per company per...