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trading style

  1. StockyGuy

    Measuring Profitability of a Discretionary Style

    Another sort of noob question... With a systematic, mechanical trading style, notwithstanding its limitations, if designed correctly you can expect a profit level within a certain range, if executed unfailingly over an appropriate timeframe. With discretionary trading, even though the trader...
  2. investorpaul

    Trading Style, Money Management & More

    When I responded to the above comment I said I would reply in my blog, so that is what I am doing. I will try and keep it as detailed yet brief as possible. I enjoy all comments so please post more, obviously I like constructive criticism but understand without knowing the full picture that it...

    My trading style (MARKET WAVES)

    TO BE HONEST .... I'M not a real time trader ..... and about 2 posts today intraday .. The purpose was to show the importance of Multiple Resistance .... or Test areas on a given market chart ... The same things that are being highlighted End of Day and Weekly charts ,also happen in Real Time...