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    Volume-Price-Patterns-Context & Catalysts, an Application to Trading Stocks

    Further to Greggles discussion on DYL This is a fascinating topic that I have researched and refined over at least 10 yrs. It really needs to be presented in its entirety as charts and explanation are really necessary to show a complete picture. To gel everything together. Topics (1) Volume...
  2. A

    Can someone be my stock trading mentor?

    Hi everyone, I'm 23 and got my first solid job last November. Currently I have nearly 15k saved up and plan to use 90% of my future earnings and invest them in the stock market over the next 5 years, which is when I plan to buy a house. I have opened an account at Bell Direct and can start...
  3. B

    SMSF for trading stocks

    If you trade many stocks eg. daytrading via a SMSF, does the Audit fees become completely ridiculous because they will need to audit each trade? I believe auditors charge you depending on how many transactions your SMSF does.
  4. K

    Best trading stocks

    I would appreciate members comments on which are the current best trading stocks. Cheers
  5. T

    Trading stocks and options after 5 pm (working hours)

    Hi All, I m really new to the whole game of trading stocks and options. Very keen to learn it very well. I m professional and work full time, my main enquiry that as australin resident can I trade asx after hours? Or I should look for international markets in USA ,Europe or Asia? If so can I...