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    Best online stock trading software for non day traders

    Hi All, I'm new to Aussie Stock Forums and look forward to joining into conversations. I would really appreciate thoughts from the Forum on a really good online stock trading software for non day traders. Seems there are lots of software focused on day traders but I'm really looking for software...
  2. D

    Trading (charting) software/programs?

    I'm trying to choose some charting software but don't know where to start. I'm aware of some of the free options like Incredible Charts, Big Charts, and Yahoo Finance, but they are all limited in some way.. The online options provide live data (delayed to some extent) but not many indicators...
  3. G

    Trading Software

    Morning all, Being inexperienced newbie, I would like input from everyone on Trading Software. Is a software system totally needed Do most software have the same qualities. Does all software come with on going fees Can the software be purchased by itself. Pro's and Cons of Expensive vs Cheaper...
  4. S

    Newbie looking for help with resources

    Hi I'm trying my hand at daytrading Au equities. I know it's hard. I'm looking for a few resources I'm lacking. What is the best way to find stocks that have substantially increased in price intraday, please? I've read of scanning programs, is that the best way? If so, what program is best...
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    Which trading software/platform package?

    Hi, been investing passively and have reasonably active active for a few years and have recently read Radge, Bedford etc etc and now ready to get serious. Have for a while now Incredible Charts but want more!! I am looking at pruchasing a software/platform package and am tossing up between...
  6. Smack

    'ProRealTime' Trading Software Anyone use this sw for intraday and/or EOD for Australian Equities? I am keen on using it for both, but it seems they do not offer the real time feed. THoughts? Smack
  7. E

    IRESS Trader on Java

    Hi all, With Java being shown as a major security threat and the recommendation by the US government to remove Java from your machine. I would like to know if IRESS trader, which is Java based, will be changed or if I should look to change to a different trading platform.
  8. L

    Euro soft - trading strong on recent news?

    IFR Markets Analyst Adam Parry paints an excellent picture on the present trading psyche: The most likely scenario is that Moody's junks Spain. That would start to see the Spanish bonds being pulled from sovereign benchmark indices, leading to some forced fund liquidation of paper. That will...
  9. I

    Best trading software

    What's the best trading software available? Looking for a software that can do technical analysis and tailored specially for the ASX market.
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    How to sell shares as a non-resident?

    Hi, I obtained a number of Aussie shares some time ago while an Australian resident. I'm now living in Norway as a non-resident and would like to sell these shares but am not sure how to go about it. For a one-off trade am I better off using an actual broker or some type of electronic...
  11. B

    Day Trading Software

    I'm looking to upgrade my trading software. I have been using DASTrader software for a few years. Overall, I have been very happy with the software. It is updated often and is very seldom down. It has Level 2 quotes and charts just like every day trading software. Its not really a bells and...
  12. J

    Is there a USB version of Metastock?

    Hi all, I have Metastock 10.0 EOD installed on my PC, but would like to install a version on my USB drive - is there a USB version available? I've tried to install my normal 10.0 version on my USB drive, and 10mins into it it looks ok. But it there a version specifically designed for USBs...
  13. G

    Has anyone found a really good trading software program?

    Have have been scammed too many times by these sneaky directors in sheep's clothing, conning me with there quick rich schemes, only to find that there getting richer, not me I need a break so be nice, and give me the good stuff only.
  14. M

    Anyone used (EQ Trading)

    Just getting into shares again. I tried buying managed funds through financial planners right before the GFC and lost 6 figures. Im only now just getting whats left of my money as the funds have been suspended. Im now looking at doing the research my self and learning slowly. How ever ive been...