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trading setups

  1. Trav.

    "Do not confuse a setup with a signal. Two very different things."

    I came across this tweet yesterday from Nick Radge and thought how true is this. I have been busy beavering away learning AmiBroker code and trying to develop a system that matches my style / psychology ( weaknesses ) and this was a timely reminder that I should be more distinct in defining my...
  2. pavilion103

    Pavilion103's LIVE ASX Momentum Setup Trading Thread

    Previous live ASX trading threads seemed to gather some strong interest. If this one also gains strong momentum (pardon the pun) I will keep it running for a while. Having not traded a single share in approximately 9 months I am back trading end of day. The main consideration is the position...
  3. Kryzz

    Potential FX Trading setups

    Hi Guys, Thought I'd start a new thread highlighting some potential forex setups, I usually look at the daily and four hour charts for setups. Nothing fancy I look for, just reversal bars at support and resistance, then get my stop to B/E and hopefully catch a few runners! Hopefully it...
  4. J

    Trading Setups

    I have just purchased a new Dell Dimension 3000 (P4 2.8GHz, 512MB RAM, 160GB HDD, DVD -/+ RW, 17" LCD Monitor) and am going to buy Quicken Share Analyzer to assist in my investment decisions. What type of hardware and software are people in the forum using?