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  1. CNHTractor

    Superhero - Afterpay/Zip backers fund Robinhood-style trading platform

    The founders of buy now, pay later juggernauts Zip and Afterpay are among the backers of a new low-cost Australian share trading platform that hopes to capitalise on the rush among young investors into the stock market. The share-trading site – named Superhero – is set to launch on Monday and...
  2. Dominover

    Trading Platforms in Australia (observation)!

    I'm specifically referring to trading platforms in Australia here. I'm also not naming any providers as I'm willing to believe they could potentially improve if given the chance. What I've found when looking through stock trading platforms provided by Australian Firms is that even for the...
  3. S

    Aussie Newbie, which platforms good for us Aussies?

    Hey first time here guys bare with me. Not sure if this is a forum for this sort of thing though and anyone who can help me out whether it's copying a link or knowing the best answer A++ in my books :) I'm currently learning too trade through "trading view" with paper $$$ not real $$$ I'm...
  4. K

    Stock Scanner and Trading Platform for FTSE

    Hi, I'm new to the site and Day Trading, so wondering if someone with the expertise could help me. I'm looking for the best Stock Scanner and Trading Platform to be used from Australia on the FTSE for Intra Day Trading? (or one platform for both) For the Stock Scanner I'm looking for one that...
  5. BenCanter

    Think or Swim in Australia

    I am fairly new to day trading and due to my schedule trading in US markets suits me more than Australian ones. I have been watching Ricky Gutierrez and he has helped me pick up the basics of day trading extremely quickly. I have been able to consistently grow my paper money account on Think or...
  6. S

    Multiple accounts on one platform

    Hello, I have two accounts that I use for trading shares - SMSF and Personal. Currently using IG, and it's quite annoying needed to switch between the two accounts. Is there a platform that can allow for a single username login but have two different web trading pages for each account? Thanks
  7. J

    IG Markets Share Trading Platform - Stop-Loss Orders

    Hi everyone, I am brand new to Aussie Stock Forums, so treat me gently... :angelic: I have had experience trading CFDs but have never owned or traded 'real' shares. I have been trading with IG Markets for a while and they provide a platform which comprises both a "CFD Trading" component and a...
  8. K

    Broker/Platform for futures day trading

    Hi all, I'm a newbie who's interested in day trading futures, and possibly options. What brokers/platforms do you use here in Oz? I'd be looking for one that has a good DOM feature (and simulator obviously :)). Thanks in advance!
  9. B

    Gregory Mannarino's Evolution System - What trading platform works?

    Hi All, I'm very new to this platform and I thought that I would come here because this forum has lots of activity .. I've just purchased Gregory Mannarino's Evolution System which is based off Fidelity Active Trader Pro in the US, now Australians can't get access to that trading platform...
  10. S

    Demo trading platform

    Hi all, This is an awesome forum, such great info And knowledgeable people (which Im hoping to tap into) Im looking to find a good demo platform to test my trading beginner skills. From what I can see, and please correct me if I am wrong, but Bell Direct and CMC seem to be the current...
  11. W

    Dealbook 360 replacement?

    Any suggestions for a similar replacement? i've been using their demo for years whilst trading through my Interactive Brokers account. Does IG offer a similar platform? I'm just after something with live updates, sms or email alerts, data for US 30 yr bonds and 10 year notes. And free :)...
  12. D

    Favourite trading platform?

    I've been researching for a few months now and have been doing some light paper trading. I was just wondering what the best trading platform would be, for access Australian Stocks and Forex. At the moment i'm tossing up between ProRealTime or MetaTrader 4, which would be better; Are there any...
  13. J

    Building Trading Platform

    Hi guys, I'm a noob here. just seeking advice on what is involved to build a trading platform that executes orders on stock market (ASX)? I assume a need a license. Any ideas on the cost and process? Also technically would I be integrating with ASX directly or via a broker service? JT
  14. V

    What is this trading platform?

    Hello everyone, I found this screenshots on other blog, Can anybody please tells what is name of the trading platform ? Kind regards
  15. J

    Looking for another trading platform, sick of overnight premiums

    Hi all, Recently just started trading. Not loving the overnight premiums or lack of stock selection on my current broking platform. I'm currently looking for another platform that has great cross platform (pc & android) support, along with (at least) good charting & other usual features...
  16. CanOz

    Trading Technologies - X_Trader Pro

    Here's a demo of the Pro's trading platform... X_Trader Pro will revolutionize the way you trade! Enjoy!
  17. D

    Recommend your online broker

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and have a question for you all: I'm living in NZ but actively invest on the ASX through ASB Securities, but as I'm sure you all know - ASB isn't exactly cheap (AU$30 per trade!). I've been looking at E*Trade, Commsec, OpenMarkets and some others. Are any of...
  18. S

    Which trading software/platform package?

    Hi, been investing passively and have reasonably active active for a few years and have recently read Radge, Bedford etc etc and now ready to get serious. Have for a while now Incredible Charts but want more!! I am looking at pruchasing a software/platform package and am tossing up between...
  19. tech/a

    Sim Trading Platform

    Have someone who wants to practice sim trading Index futures without opening an account. Is there software that is cheap or free that can be accessed with data live or even R/T delayed? Ninja trader? If they cant get free data then they will have to pay for it. Does Ami broker have a R/T...
  20. Smack

    Intraday Trading Platform - Hardware with Multiple Monitors

    I am in the market for a new intraday trading setup. i want to use 4 separate monitors connected to a single computer. we only want to trade ASX equities in real time using intraday feed data. i only want to use Flash SSD, but i am open to different OS - Apple or Windows. some...