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  1. D

    What's SelfWealth or Robinhood equivalent for trading Warrants & Options?

    Hi all, What's SelfWealth or Robinhood equivalent for trading Warrants & Options.
  2. Z

    Trading Options, Selling Premium (Fig Leaf/PMCC)

    I've a query whether anyone here trades options by selling premium, ie covered calls. This does not seem to be popular strategy used by Australians, yet in the USA there are countless people doing it with large success. My question here is if anyone has views on instead of using stock, using...
  3. H

    Experiences in trading options on overseas markets

    Hi Can anyone share what their experiences is like with Interactive brokers trading options. Do u trade the US market? If so do have to stay up all night or can u get away with after hours trading? Do you trade the Aussie options market? If so, how so they compare with the US market? What...
  4. Smack

    Trading Australian-Based Options

    Hello All. Is it wise to hold the underlying stock on option expiry date (with no prior or existing option holdings)? What is the latest time on trading expiry day that options are allowed to trade (by ASX rules)? Smack
  5. G

    Trading shares or exchange traded options? Which is better?

    Hey guys, I was having a long hard think today (well, tonight to be more precise) about what would be more profitable... To trade shares outright and pay 0.07% brokerage, or trading options on ASX listed companies and paying 0.28% brokerage? I was trying to put some numbers into a spreadsheet...
  6. H

    Trading US options, need a reasonably priced broker/platform

    I have an account with Commsec, extremely expensive ! Can anyone suggest a cheaper alternative for trading options in the US ? I am a small trader buying calls and puts (not very sophisticated) my account is $5000 to $10000 Thank you !
  7. N

    Anyone currently trading European Index options?

    I would be interested to know what brokers and platforms are available for this for Australian Clients?
  8. T

    Trading stocks and options after 5 pm (working hours)

    Hi All, I m really new to the whole game of trading stocks and options. Very keen to learn it very well. I m professional and work full time, my main enquiry that as australin resident can I trade asx after hours? Or I should look for international markets in USA ,Europe or Asia? If so can I...
  9. M

    Learning to trade options

    Hi I am new to the forum here and I was wondering if members can recommend a few websites/mentors to learn options trading. I have been reading information on a number of different websites but I am looking for something more detailed and structured. Any help would be gr8 :) Thanks
  10. B

    First options trade on Commsec

    Hi all, Good to be on the site! :) This is my first post I'm new to trading having completed my first few trades in the last 3 months. I am using Commsec, and am now familiar with the website layout for standard purchase/sale of stocks however I would like to make my first options purchase...
  11. O

    Tax implications of trading US options in Australia?

    Hello. I am an Australian citizen for tax purposes and I have recently started to trade US stock options (puts and calls) through OptionsXpress Australia. I've signed a W8-BEN form and I want to know what this means for me and how I will file my taxes in this financial year. I am also young...
  12. S

    Trading Options on the London Stock Exchange?

    Hi All Is it possible to trade Options on the LSE? And if so, is there a website out there that displays the Options Chains? Cheers!
  13. J

    Best broker for trading options?

    Do you guys have any ideas on who would be the best broker to go through for trading company options both on the ASX and the DOW? Im looking for the cheapest, but with the a good trading platform....cheers, im new to options....
  14. B

    Trading Option Spreads - which broker is best?

    Hi All, I am new to this forum, so please be gentle !!! I like to know whether there are any brokers that allow option spreads to be entered ONLINE. At present, I use etrade, who will allow spreads to be entered, but you would need to phone up. Because the trade is entered via the...