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trading mistakes

  1. pythagoras

    Have I already made rookie mistakes?

    Hi folks, I have started the investment journey on Friday. Late night Sunday I placed two buy orders in two separate businesses which would of placed me in first position Monday (today) when market opened. These two companies I have been researching and believe were, and are under valued...
  2. TulipFX

    Your biggest FOREX trading mistake

    My thread got hijacked by those silly share traders getting all wound up over early exits so I have started a new one seeing they wanted their own to lament not keeping a stock they sold at 25 cents. I have never been worried about an early exit, a what could have been trade. I find once you...
  3. TulipFX

    What was your biggest ever mistake?

    We all have them. Barry Crockers, bloody shockers, trades we wish we had the TARDIS to correct. What was yours? Mine was the usual, in my early days of trading I thought I could predict the market - the fundamentals said that the EURJPY should rise. So I took a hugely over-leveraged...