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trading for a living

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    Retail Trading for a Living Milestone - "Feed my ego"/Thought sharing

    Hello everyone I just achieved a big target of mine and felt like posting it for bragging/encouragement seeking, but in return I will share some of my experiences so I feel like it's a fair trade :D. I admit my weakness in ego and I desire some validation for my achievement, and I rather get it...
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    My trading - how I trade for a living

    Hello guys, I hope this is not the wrong thread, because I want to post my trading here. I trade for a living for 10 years now and I want to share my trading with you. I hope this will help some people. From time to time I will explain how I spot my setups. If you have any questions please...
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    How many of you trade as a profession?

    I don't mean people employed by a company to trade with client/company funds, I mean people actually trading with their own equity and who would consider their primary source of income trading on the foreign exchange market. So yeah, how many people here (if any) fit that description? PS Please...
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    Day Trading the SPI for a living

    I am trading the SPI and would like to hear from other traders how they approach the SPI.Attached is mytrading charts daily buys and sells.I would like to talk to traders before and during the trading day and there views of themarkets.I would like to chat on skype i have a cam we can chat...