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  1. L

    Trading education and tips

    Hi all, I have been trading for a few weeks now and really enjoying. I have a lot of books yet to read but I usually find myself spending hours just looking at charts trying to find what to buy. I was using the chartist for their advise and found that really useful, but now that they closed, I...
  2. M

    Trading educators/Seminar sellers and Trading Gurus!

    I read this on some other forum LOL When a poster questioned some of the assumption/ calculations in a webinar that presenter dodged all the questions and become offensive This is what the poster then commented "Typical "guru" response. When the trade goes against their rules, they come...
  3. M

    Need help! Deciding what to study to become a trader!

    Hey guys, I’m a university student, studying Finance. I’ve decided that I want to become a trader, not sure about which type (stocks/commodities/forex etc). BEFORE, someone makes a smart comment about “Trading can only be learnt by trading or on-the-job” or “Just open an account and...
  4. F

    Binary Options - ATO Tax Treatment

    Hi, New to Aussie stock forums, glad to be here and hoping to learn a lot from what seems to be a very passionate financial community. I was hoping someone amongst this community has had experience with binary options and could explain the tax treatment of profits made from binary options...
  5. pavilion103

    Trading Education - Time committed vs. results

    With trading, as when undertaking any new venture, there is initially a very steep learning curve. There is so much to know and as some studies have shown it takes approx 10,000 (well spent) hours to become an expert at something. Initially there is the excitement of taking in new information...
  6. M

    FX Trading Education

    Has anyone had any dealings with Knowledge to Action?
  7. S

    Formal trading education - opinions please

    HI All, Just new to the forum and looking for some opinions on formal trading education. Now doing my home work i can only find one company in the whole of australia that has their training endorsed by the various government bodies, The Sharemarket College. Now these guys want 10k...