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  1. James Austin

    Analysing trading accounts

    Here are 2 forex trade accounts I have been perusing. Both have been "verified" as genuine. What does the trading behavior look like to you? Does anything stand out as questionable? .
  2. A

    How to structure trading accounts to minimise tax - Trusts, Corporations?

    Hi All, I have been trading profitably for 4 years and am in the highest tax bracket. I have been paying stupid levels of tax, which I am now looking to minimize as I have a family member who wants to pool assets for a trading account. The account is reasonably high turnover, so from ATO's...
  3. burnie

    Trading accounts... BellDirect the way to go?

    Hi All, I've been with Westpac Broking for over 12 years. Apart from a burst of buying activity in 2007/08 and another burst of activity last month, this time selling (when I sold most of them at a big loss) I haven't used them much. Undaunted, I want to start buying shares again, but this...