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    Tax on Trust or Minor stock trading account?

    Hi I am planning to open comsec trust/minor account to buy some shares which I am planning to transfer to my kids when they turn 18. While doing the transfer when they turn 18 do I need to pay CGT or CGT to be paid only whenever kids sell it? Thanks for the help.
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    AMP Futures Trading Account, USD or AUD?

    I see that AMP offers us Australian residents good marings as well as commissions for trading Futures across the globe. Which base currency is best if I am an Australian resident? USD or AUD? I will be trading NQ, YM, TF but also FDAX (Euro) and then Futures on the SGX and SFE once I find them...
  3. skc - Track your trading account performance

    I just came across this pretty useful website called whilst listening to the Chat With Trader podcast's interview with Jack Schwager, author of the Market Wizards serise ( You can upload your account data (basically just Net...
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    Commsec Q&A

    Hi folks Another Commsec querie. If I buy 100 shares, get charged brokerage. then buy another 100 in the same company, get charged brokerage again. Are these 200 listed together in the same line in my Holdings page? Or are they considered two seperate trades? Can I then sell all...
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    Trading account via a trust account?

    Hi All Can some please explain or point me to a site that help me with the following question. How is Trading Account via a Trust Account tax beneficial ? Thanks
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    Minor Trading Account

    Hi all, I've been wanting to buy some shares with money I have saved up however I am only 15. I could get my parents to open an account on my behalf but then It will be taxed at a higher rate. If I just put down my birth year as 1990 when register for say an E*Trade account and put my own TFN...