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  1. J1eyed

    Tradestation - asked for bank account login

    Hi, Does anyone use Tradestation? I created an account and filled in the W-8BEN form. When I got to the "let's add some money to your account section" I found my bank (Westpac) and it asked for my account login and password. I immediately closed it as this isn't the norm in Australia. Is this...
  2. Nortorious

    TradeStation versus NinjaTrader

    Hi All, I'm hoping some of the experienced campaigners can provide some input into the best trading platform. I am only looking at two vendors, TradeStation and NinjaTrader as I will be purchasing a couple of plugins that will assist with market analysis (based on my preferred method) and...
  3. B

    Trading System in EasyLanguage on Multicharts or Tradestation

    Hi folks, is there anyone that work in easylanguage and backtesting strategy in Multicharts or Tradestation? What is in you opinion a good stock broker tu use MC or TS ? My Best
  4. X

    Tradestation 2000i

    Anyone using the above software? If so what data source?
  5. S

    Metastock or Tradestation or...?

    HI, I would like some opinions on Metastock, tradestation, amibroker, etc, even ninjascript. For the purpose of building, backtesting and optimising automated trading strategies. I have not done any programming before so ease of use is important. I`d like to be able to trade mainly futures...
  6. F

    Anyone using Tradestation?

    Anyone in Australia using Tradestation, can it read Metastock data or only proprietry Tradestation data. Thanks Fill