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  1. tech/a

    You Have 5 Must Know Tips for Traders or Investors: They are? Why?

    I'm interested in your best of the best. Your absolute Must Go too's. The things that you KNOW give you consistent profit.
  2. TheBigKangaroo

    Traders in Geelong

    Hi Ya All Just thought I would put this out there. Are there any traders in Geelong that would like to catch up with others for chats on trading etc. I dont think there will be as I think I am the only loser in Geelong!!. cheers
  3. T

    Are there any HK50 Index traders?

    I have been Sim trading it for the last few months using Wychoff Volume methodology. I'm up to 1000 trades & it looks promising. Looking, watching for patterns. My observations: - It mostly makes it move 30mins after open - It mostly stays with this move for the rest of the day session - It...
  4. Gringotts Bank

    Tools used by top discretionary traders

    One word - meditation. Just a few snippets to get you interested. The research support for meditation is overwhelmingly positive on multiple levels. The forth bullet point includes an exercise to do with a chart. Goldman Sachs employs a woman named Elizabeth Sudler to teach meditation to...
  5. O

    Sydney Pro Traders Legit???

    Legit or not legit that is the question....
  6. C

    Melbourne accountant for traders

    I started trading last year through my pty ltd and had a small loss over the last year. I'm looking for an accountant around Melbourne who is well versed in day trading tax issues and who doesn't charge an arm and a leg. Any recommendations?
  7. N

    Why do some Forex brokers have more profitable traders than others?

    Based on the reports found here: and I wonder if...
  8. E

    How many UK traders?

    I know this is an Aussie forum but how many of you guys trade from the UK or use UK brokers?
  9. CanOz

    Chat With Traders - Aaron Fifield's Podcast

    This podcast is really gaining a following and there have been some great traders on the show to date. I'll ask Aaron to stop by now and again, if Joe has no issue and post the latest episode. The latest episode has Eric Hunsader of Nanex fame. The host, Aaron Fifield is a Brisbane lad...
  10. CanOz

    Great Quantitative Traders with 'Buffett' like returns

    As a continuation to a lively discussion with my good mate Rainman, i thought i would start a thread instead of clogging up the other one that was being dragged away off topic... If a mod would be so kind as to move some of the discussion it would be greatly appreciated. So besides some of...
  11. CanOz

    MES Capital Group - Funding Traders

    I came across this mob on another forum. MES Capital Group They were advertising that you can trade any market with them, or at least a large choice compared to other backers. I started with an account of 15k USD after i sent my live DAX trading statements into them. They said i had to...
  12. R

    Some Tips for Financial Traders

    I am not a professional broker, but I have some experience in the capital market. Here are some 3 tips that, I believe, will assist new traders: 1) When the dollar goes down, usually strong commodities with monetary properties, such as gold or oil, go up. 2) When a currency loses its value...
  13. R

    Japan Based Traders?

    Hi All, Just wanting to refresh the timeline on this topic. In what I have read so far there have been people similar to myself that are physically based in Japan, but those threads are a few years old now. I'm an Aussie in Japan and looking to start trading (stocks). Specifically...
  14. B

    How do traders avoid paying huge amounts of brokerage?

    Hi guys, I'm a newbie and I had a look through some of the sticky threads but couldn't find my answer there. What I don't understand in short term trading is how people avoid paying huge amounts of brokerage? For example I have some shares I bought a while ago using Nabtrade for buy-and-hold...
  15. L

    Traders: Millions by the Minute (New BBC series on trading)

    Came across this series the other day that the BBC has recently started, figured some folk might be interested. Anyhow interested to hear your guys thoughts on this.
  16. S

    Any successful chart traders here?

    I've always wanted to learn how to trade profitably. After a years of demo trading, I'm starting to think that this may not be possible. I've been starring at charts until my eyes bleed. A few people (who are apparently profitable) have told me that nobody has ever been consistently...
  17. Gringotts Bank

    Most influential commentators, traders, tipsters

    Hi, I'd like to compile a list of the most influential commentators, traders or tipsters that you know. So I don't necessarily want the richest (although they may will be), or the most popular (they may even be quite unpopular) or the most widely read..... but the most influential...
  18. C

    Traders: Do you try to predict or react to market movements?

    When trading, Do you attempt to i, forecast/predict market movements OR ii, react to the market's movements whenever they occur? thanks Ceasar73:)
  19. A

    Adelaide Futures Traders

    Hi was wondering if any adelaide futures traders would be interested in meeting to discuss the futures markets. Possible online or face to face... pub or restaurant open for ideas. look forward to see who is interested Cheers
  20. S

    Traders' delusion with random patterns

    Just thought I'd share this: I read in the last few days that somewhere around 50-70% of US managed funds underperformed sp500. Wonder if there is a correlation there :eek: