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  1. rogblack

    How to become a profitable or full-time trader

    I've been trading XAUUSD for four years now. Started with $5k and made $50k in the first three weeks of going live. I've also had my losses and still do. I read from many traders that they are chasing signals, systems, entry points and the holy grail. The laws of trading are pretty simple. If...
  2. traderxxx

    Computer programmers/traders

    Hi All, just wondering if there are any traders/computer programmers in adelaide?
  3. SFA

    What Makes You A Successful Trader

    In an idealistic trading world, traders would consistently be able to trade with thriving results - accurately predict market trends, be able to execute favourable strategies with perfect timing, acquire desired maximum profits with minimal losses, and avoid the wrath of unexpected market...
  4. MacDizzle

    What makes you go from losing to winning as a trader?

    I've read that 90% of traders lose money, that's a large percentage of downside risk. If you have made the transition to a winner what has made the difference in your opinion? Can you had everything on point and still not be a winning trader and destroy your account year on year? Psychology...
  5. A

    Problems of a new trader: where to begin?

    Hey all, this is my first post. I am new to trading, and have just finished researching all the relevant stuff on tech analysis. I have opened a brokerage account with commsec and I am ready to start trading. I was wondering if all you experts can point me in the right direction regarding...
  6. baby_swallow

    Online trader begs for help after his short goes south

    Help! My short position got crushed, and now I owe E-Trade $106,445.56 His name is Joe Campbell, and he claims he went to bed Wednesday evening with some $37,000 in his trading account at E-Trade. One notable development on the pharma front later, and Campbell woke up to a debt of...
  7. avion

    Flash Crash - Trader Arrested...!?! Are these guys nuts, every HF outfit operates on similar principle. They will have to arrest all of them if they proceed with this... Nuts, really.
  8. M

    Need help! Deciding what to study to become a trader!

    Hey guys, I’m a university student, studying Finance. I’ve decided that I want to become a trader, not sure about which type (stocks/commodities/forex etc). BEFORE, someone makes a smart comment about “Trading can only be learnt by trading or on-the-job” or “Just open an account and...
  9. B

    Average salary for a stock trader in Australia

    I know it depends on your skills, knowledge and experience and everyone differentiates but could anyone give me an average figure of what an Australian share traders salary is? Thanks just curious!
  10. baby_swallow

    Life of a Trader (in cocktail true...)

    Whenever you're in a party and somebody ask you what you do for a living, and you replied "I'm a trader", this is what you would expect.......:D ********************** The Life Of A Trader: Do What Joe Does $AAPL BY BRIAN LUND The setting is a cocktail party-- this one in a loft...
  11. skc

    The hidden costs of a full time private trader

    On this forum you often hear people wanting to turn into a full time trader. They are attracted to the lifestyle on offer but also the financial rewards through compounding trading profits at a high annual rate. However, the reality can be very different. I've worked an example using John, the...
  12. W

    Investor or trader: overseas shares for tax purposes?

    Before asking my account, just like to find out from people trading in overseas shares in offshore brokers such as IB. When it comes to tax time does the ATO's take into account these overseas activity when determining if you are an investor or trader? I have contacted the ato about this...
  13. CanOz

    Would you fund a trader with a proven record?

    I'm dying to fund or start something where those with some funds available can fund traders that have talent but just need the funding. Sort of like Top Step Trader....but more like an online Prop do others feel about funding other traders?
  14. burglar

    World's best trader... NOT!

    I was having a line of thought (Yes. It hurt) and put it in a post! Then a response prompted me to post some more. Before I knew it, I was in too deep! First of all, sorry wilto, for derailling your thread! Secondly, sorry to any ASF'ers who got the same impression as prawn_86 I am...
  15. Axiory

    What type of trader are you?

    Hi everyone, Just out of interest, what type of trader are you? Also, please leave a comment as to why you choose that type. Are you: Scalper - Looking to hold positions for a matter of minutes. Day Trader Looking to close out all positions by the end of the day Swing Trader -...
  16. T

    Aliom Trainee Trader Interview

    Just wondering has anyone done the interview/aptitude test for Aliom in Sydney. If so, can you share what type of questions are involved in the test and what do they offer successful candidates. Cheers guys
  17. aaronphetamine

    7News Macquarie Bank Market Update Trader looking at porn

    So i got told about this the afternoon by someone. this afternoon on the 7news market update, in the background you can see a trader flicking between his charts and porn and then right at the end he looks around and realises that he has just lost his job lol.
  18. S

    The Secret That Makes For a Successful Trader

    There are hundred of articles and books that will tell you how to trade successfully.How to look out for certain charting signals which will tell you when it is the right time to buy. Of course you do your own research. Of course you buy when the stock is trending upwards.Etc .You stick to...
  19. Timmy

    What type of trader are you?

    This is a mini-sized version of Van Tharp's 176 question test, the Investment Psychology Inventory Profile. In this mini version there are only 35 questions, and takes about 3 to 4 minutes. The instructions are here. The test is here. Information about the test is here. You get...
  20. J

    Can a trader grow rich trading on CMC?

    Hi I 've watched this forum for a long time and have just joined. I posted this message on the CMC forum this avo but things are pretty quiet there. I would love to know what people here think. ********************************************************* I'm pretty new to CFDs. I try...