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  1. ThingyMajiggy

    The beginning...

    Hey readers, This is my first post to my blog, I don't know if anyone will follow it or not, or even whether I care of not if anyone follows it, I'm just using it as somewhere to jot down my progress and thoughts as I go. I am currently studying VSA, I have the Tradeguider EOD software...
  2. sam76

    The "For Sale" thread

    A few of the forums I'm a member of have a for sale section. With over 15,000 members here it would seem we might be able to help each other out. As per Joe's approval of the idea perhaps we could leave the thread unlocked so that the seller can go back and either delete/amend their post...
  3. tech/a

    The days ahead--A view from Tradeguider--You Tube Gavin has just placed this up on You Tube. Giving some hints on what to look for. To identify continued weakness OR Opportunity. The last 2 mins of the 6 min is Advertising Its the first 4 mins thats worth viewing. (Mods I'm NOT spamming!).