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    Which brokers are the fastest at executing trades?

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone knows which brokers are the fastest at executing trades? Iv'e spoken to CMC markets.. there base account has 20min price delays! :/ and they place orders through a secondary broker (EBN) who then files to ASX. Something tells me either CMC or their EBN is...
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    How do IG execute your trade?

    Hi all, Kindly go through to see whether you are affected and please inform those who you think that they are affected. Thank You. I have recently started a petition against the unfair practices and trading systems of IG Markets Ltd on...
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    Forex Mentor

    Howdy Forex Traders, I'm a newbie to Forex.:) Am currently in demo mode with a broker (won't mention their name for fear of being flamed). The information available on the internet with regards to FOREX is very overwhelming. I am sincerely looking for a forex mentor, and/or guidance from...