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tony abbott

  1. Knobby22

    Give Tony the Job!

    Unbelievable: Conservative British Members including the health minister are saying our Tony is a misogynist, homophobe and climate change denier. (refer below) All of us in Australia should defend him. He is not a misogynist, that quote below is taken out of context and don't forget he was the...
  2. sptrawler

    Tony Abbott - Indigneous envoy

    Firstly let's not make this a thread to degrade, or make disparaging comments, because of pre conceived biases. So in other words don't post unless it is about his current role. I believe Abbott hasn't deserved the constant endless barrage of bad press and media coverage, that he has received...
  3. Tisme

    ABBOTT Resurrection

    When Cory resigns from the LNP this week will Tony follow? Friend of Abbott to watch: Nicolle Flint, Craig Kelly, .......
  4. poverty

    Abbott/Hockey tax cuts This is an interesting one. In theory I'm all for it. I'm part of a single-income household and I feel like we pay a disproportionally high amount of tax as a result...
  5. Garpal Gumnut

    Tony Abbott is Gorne

    As a quick search will realise, I spent some time and 98 petrol ensuring that Tony Abbott would be elected as Liberal Leader in the dark days of ALP power. I am now calling for Tony Abbott to relinquish the leadership of the Liberal Party and step down as PM. He has not performed well as...
  6. SirRumpole

    Is Abbott PM material?

    There is no argument any more is there ? He's not.
  7. Craton

    Abbott's counter terrorism measures

    My local fish wrapper reported today that the Abbott govt. wants to introduce new counter terrorism measures which proposes to force internet providers to keep metadata of all our online and phone usage for up to two yrs. A quick Google Fu...
  8. Calliope

    The Abbott Government

    I can't wait to see Bronwyn Bishop installed as Speaker by the Coalition. She has a lot of old scores to settle, especially with Anthony Albanese. He will probably be expelled from the chamber at the first sitting.:D...
  9. Garpal Gumnut

    Tony Abbott for PM

    Seeing as Costello says he won't change his mind, this godbothering pugilist might be the next best bet for Australia. It seems that godbotherers are de rigeur for leaders these days. Even the old KGB toecutter Putin bends the knee weekly in St.Petersburg. Go for it Tony. Give the...