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  1. Student of Gann

    TLS Landline unusual calls

    Hello has anyone ever experienced this . My Father has a landline and makes minimal calls but he is charged a king's ransom for making the decision to continue using this service . A case of Telstra exploiting and capitalising on the Elderly and less tech savvy Citizens who wish to retain their...
  2. Student of Gann

    TLS Campaign

    Low indicated for 20th August with Main Trend up till 28th October . Looking to purchase 3 month ATM call options on Monday morning so hopefully price will be stable enough for entry .
  3. J

    Good time to buy Telstra shares? Or further falls coming?!

    Morning, afternoon, evening! :) I’m a newby. Not much in experience. I wanted to get my feet wet and start off with a trade with Telstra. What does everyone think about these buys? I know there is a lot of negative sentiment out there about Telstra, especially with the drop in dividend payouts...
  4. C

    Telstra buyback

    Hi All I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on what will happen to TLS share price after the Telstra buyback?
  5. P

    TLS dividend...

    I must be missing something here. Lets say I have 1000 shares and the div is 28c. When I receive my div, it's not gonna be 1000 x .28, because the div is paid twice a year, right? So do I get it in 2 instalments, like 1000 x .14 twice a year? So why did I only receive 1000 x .08 ( 8c ) ...
  6. K

    Telstra dividends

    i've got some telstra shares... bought them at ave $4.99... i am thinking of selling them but if i sell them now, would i be entitled to the dividend payout? how does paying of dividend works once a company annouces?
  7. B

    TLS - Telstra Corporation

    With the LIB's having the power now to sell telstra, what will this do for tls??? do you believe it would be a buy if they sold it off??? What would the advantages and disadvantages??? I will be looking at it as a long term hold. I think giving full power to the share holders and board will...