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  1. RichKid

    Mobile phone tricks, tips & tidbits

    Have you guys tried this out (got it via email)? Is it just a dodgy trick? I cannot vouch for this so be careful if it stuffs up your phone or your health- at your own risk!! Feedback welcome from mobile and telecom any other interesting bits here too please. I tried it with...
  2. Joe Blow

    Aussie Stock Forums hints and tips

    I'm starting this thread to give you all little hints and tips on how to make the most of Aussie Stock Forums. This forum software has so many features that even I'm constantly discovering new ones! :D Did you know that Aussie Stock Forums can automatically send you an email everytime a new...
  3. RichKid

    Trading Plan - basics and tips

    Hi folks, Someone started a thread on a written trading plan but I can't find it- meant to put this there. This is a link to an article by Louise Bedford, brief but a start nevertheless: (Any chance of having a site map/index...