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  1. Trav.

    AmiBroker Tips and Tricks

    Sharing a couple of things that I learnt today and should be part of your backup, as I have learnt the hard way ( as usual ) - When creating your own snippets of code Amibroker creates a new file C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\UserSnippets.xml - When creating notes for each stock Amibroker stores...
  2. tech/a

    You Have 5 Must Know Tips for Traders or Investors: They are? Why?

    I'm interested in your best of the best. Your absolute Must Go too's. The things that you KNOW give you consistent profit.
  3. tech/a

    ASF Trading/Tips/Tricks/Gems and Wisdoms: What YOU should know!

    Post tips and wisdoms here. From one line to threads. Although its mine I think everyone will benefit.
  4. O

    Omega's $50 sport betting challenge and tips

    Hi there This thread is for my sports betting tips and challange, To turn $50 into $1000 on sports betting I did some work on the presidential election... long story short I was rushing last night to get my analysis on election winner and states but missed the boat... only...
  5. M

    Tips and tricks to get more profit?

    Hi. I am looking to simple ideas and tricks to how to invest and where to invest and how to earn more profit with low investment. Please share your ideas and tricks.
  6. L

    13 Top Tips for the Beginner Trader

    Deciding to invest in the share market can be a scary proposition. When real money is on the line and there is the possibility of losing your life savings, it is understandable that many feel that the risk is too much to bear. It doesn’t have to be that way. Trading can be a very rewarding...
  7. R

    Some Tips for Financial Traders

    I am not a professional broker, but I have some experience in the capital market. Here are some 3 tips that, I believe, will assist new traders: 1) When the dollar goes down, usually strong commodities with monetary properties, such as gold or oil, go up. 2) When a currency loses its value...
  8. I

    Lost Investment Money? 10 Practical Tips To Getting It Back

    Many investors lose money through their financial planner, investment advisor, stock broker, fund manager, superannuation fund, bank or some other financial services provider. But despite legal mechanisms being available to help them recoup their losses, experience has shown that a significant...
  9. J

    Tips and guidance for a young investor

    g'day guys, first time poster here! Been reading around the forums for a while now and slowing coming to the opinion that its time to invest! ive concluded im after a medium to long term investment (say 5-8 years), hopefully enough to get an apartment deposit organised (50k approx). as...
  10. sydboy007

    Sydboy's savings tips

    Thought I'd share some of the money saving techniques I've found. Most will probably have a travel bent to them since I've got a chronic case of the travel bug. My first tip is about the Telstra pre paid plans. We all know Telstra is "expensive" but they do have the best coverage...
  11. P

    New to shares and any learning tips would be really appreciated

    Hey everyone, I'm Pete (obviously) :) I am totally new to buying and selling shares and am basically searching around for info before I start investing. I will only be using 10k to start and see what I can do over the next 12 to 18 months with that. I have applied with Westpac for a...
  12. B

    Top 3 Tips for Newbie Traders - Finding and Researching Potential Stocks

    Wanted - Experienced traders confident to provide coaching to newbie traders like me. Well I say I am a newbie "trader" actually I have never had the mind to actually sell anything that I have bought and "take the profits" or maybe more importantly "cut my losses". If I had I would probably...
  13. W

    New to ASX, but not new to trading: Tips?

    Hello everyone! I'm new here. Not an Aussie myself but very interested in the ASX. I've been looking around for a good place to chat about ASX stocks as I'm trying to add on a new market to my trading activities. Currently I trade US equities and the odd Canadian issue. Any tips? (not...
  14. Tyler Durden

    Tips on saving money

    I thought it'd be a neat idea to create a thread where people post ways of saving money. Call me frugal, but when I'm at the petrol station, I always try to get the amount to 1 or 2 cents so it rounds down. Also, if I'm at Coles or Woolies and the cost of what I'm purchasing ends in 1 or 2...
  15. Uncle Festivus

    The Internet: Tips, Tricks & Privacy

    Not sure if there's a topic already so here goes.... I use Firefox Browser with the following ad-ons - Adblock Plus - English (Australian) Dictionary - Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on - Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out (TACO) - or Do Not Track Plus You will be amazed at who is...
  16. T

    Stock Trading Websites - Would They Work Here?

    I've been surfing around and I found a few exciting stock trading websites for overseas markets but none like them in Australia. What do you guys think about these ideas? Do you think they would work in Australia? Finding and sharing stock tips with everyone...
  17. tech/a

    Potential & Breakout trading--Technical tips and tricks

    One of the best forms of trend following entry signals. There is much discussion on both Breakout and Potential breakout threads. While there is some good info offered up there are also lots of trading hints which can increase the traders hit rate/return and understanding of these important...
  18. L

    Computer tips

    Since we use a computer to make money (and post), what tips do you have to keep the thing running smoothly? Guy I know loses money sometimes all too often 'cos the computer crashes, freezes, sticks, slows to a crawl etc. I don't have a mac, so I'll offer 10 PC tips: 1. No startup...
  19. C

    ASX Sharemarket Game - Give me some tips!

    Outline - Ok, so you start with $50 000 hypothetical cash. So far after two days I am down to $49 707. - National leader is at approx 51k What I would like to no If you can spare a second! Not necessarily who to invest in. I need to learn how to figure it out for myself. But some...
  20. Joe Blow

    Tips on using ASF's search function

    I have started this thread to help everyone get the most out of ASF's site search function. Tracking down the information you are looking for can be a challenging task, and in order to do it effectively there are some tips and tricks that people may not be aware of that can help you zero in on...