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  1. J

    Swing trading chart time frame

    Just a quick question about Advanced charts If i may... When swing trading what time frame do most prefer to use? I figure day traders are going to use 1 minute or 5 min. Do you use hourly or daily to help you? a combination? zooming out from 5 min to daily or weekly to see a wider picture...
  2. daytradeprofit

    Markets are insanely overbought on every single time frame

    Notice the ascending configuration of the graph, as well as the bottom oscillator 2008 when it reached extreme levels - the market made an opposite move So we saw declines and the day is rising but what is interesting is the strength and the ability of the market to attract moves of strong...
  3. wombat40

    Weekly time frame Amibroker

    Hi Gs, i use to be able to change from daily to weekly in preferences...for backtesting but cant find it in the new version..anyone know how to backtest weekly timeframe cheers
  4. Gringotts Bank

    Shortening the trading time frame

    I've been making an effort to trade with a much shorter time frame... and be profitable. So far no luck with the profitable side of things but I'm still working on it. So many of my slightly longer time frame projects hit the wall about May this year and it's been extremely hard to make money...