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  1. K

    Chinese Historical Tick Data

    Does anyone know where I can find and purchase Chinese historical tick data? Seems like so hard to find out there.
  2. P

    Historical 'Tick' Data for ASX

    Hi Team, New poster - I'm looking at getting my hands on some historical "level 2" data for the ASX. I understand that norgate, premiumdata look like decent providers, however from my review it only appears that they have EOD related data? I understand that it would be possible to collect...
  3. D

    Collecting tick data 0-24h in Amibroker via Interactive Brokers TWS

    Hello users, sometimes ( every week once or so) Amibroker v5.5 or/and IB plugin crashes. Unforunately it happens mainly overnight when I have left Amibroker and IB TWS running to collect tick data 24h. Int.Brok. set max 15m backfill of the tick data and that results in a data loss. Tick data...
  4. TulipFX

    Best quality historical tick data

    For those of you who use automated systems and need to test them on high quality historical data you will love this program for downloading true Dukascopy tick data for all pairs. For MT4 I recommend investing in Birt's Tick Data Suite.