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  1. Stock Jock

    Export Historical Data From ThinkOrSwim

    If you use the ThinkOrSwim platform, this might be of interest to you. Click on the link below. Export Historical Data From ThinkOrSwim
  2. V

    How to open account with thinkorswim?

    Hi All Like to know how to open a Ameritrade account to get access to the thinkorSwim platform for options trading ? I am using the demo account but every two months i have to create new account, Currently, Ameritrade is not allowing Australians to Open accounts. The ThinkorSwim platform is...
  3. H

    Transition from ThinkOrSwim to Interactive Brokers - Help

    Hi, There there are a few features/statistics in think or swim which I am trying to locate in interactive brokers' TWS - I'm not sure if these are included. The ones in question include: Probability of ITM/OTM (I know you can use delta as a proxy but this can be 5-6% in certain situations)...
  4. ftw129

    ThinkOrSwim closing all Australian accounts: Where to now?

    Hello out there! Hopefully this message finds some Aussie Options traders that have been using ThinkOrSwim to trade U.S Options "Don Kaufman" style? Those of you that do will know by now that TD Ameritrade have made the decision to discontinue all Australian operations and our accounts...
  5. Azzachazza

    ThinkorSwim commissions

    Hi everyone, was wondering who here trades US options throgh ThinkorSwim? Also what commissions are u paying? Im looking to sign up and get USD$1.25 per contract and NO ticket charge. I know on their site it says $1.50 per contract with $10 ticket charge:( I believe people have...