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  1. tech/a

    The Portfolio MYTH-----Do you need to change your thinking?

    Its becoming more recognised, I've seen it mentioned by a few now. While portfolios are designed to minimize risk they certainly don't maximize profit. I think this is true for Technical/Fundamental/and Systematic traders. I've changed the way I trade stock. Its taken 8 mths. In some part as...
  2. Julia

    How do you think?

    I know the thread title sounds wacky, and I know there might be few people interested enough to respond, but I'm always hopeful of input on something different. Most of us take completely for granted our cognitive and thinking processes, but while walking with my dog, I often offset the...
  3. tech/a

    The Exceptional Wealth Accumulation Ideas and Thinking Thread

    My views on Business Property and in regard to this topic of Trading are I have found more radical than most. My own view is that a very high ratio of wealth accumulators will operate within their comfort zone---which is a great deal lower than even they expect. Warm and fuzzy is good but you...