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  1. vnyennhi

    Need help testing new prediction algorithm

    Hi everyone, I'm a Finance Data Student and currently working a new prediction algorithm. I really need your help testing this website out and send me the screenshot of the result page. No dataset will be saved on the website, I promise. I would be so...
  2. G

    Reverse Scale System

    Hi All, To begin with, I am a total newbie in stock trading (embryo, in fact), and this is my first post here, so apologies in advance for inappropriateness etc. I am contemplating over Reverse Scale Strategy (from Five Minute Investing by Braden Glett) for long term trading. It appears to...
  3. G

    Dividends ignored in Simulation Testing of Trading Systems

    Do the usual methods for Simulation Testing of Trading Systems all ignore the contribution of Dividends recieved during the holding period of a stock? OBSERVATION: I am using BullCharts and TradeSim and as far as I can see: a) The usual methods and software for simulation testing on...