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term deposits

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    Interest on Term Deposit accounts

    How do banks calculate interest on term deposits, what is the formula for this? What I thought was the calculation didn't seem to equal what the bank calculator on website said so want to know how to calculate it myself. Thank you
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    Alternatives to term deposits

    Virtually all the investments in our SMSF are term deposits and we are considering alternatives for yield as the term deposits start to mature. We hate the volatility of the share market so are looking at corporate debt, unlisted property trusts, and mortgage funds. We are talking to FIIG about...
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    Term deposits

    For the sake of the example, say you put $50000 into a term deposit for 12 months, are you better to do 12 x consecutive 1 month accounts at 2.5% or 1 x 12 month term paid monthly at 5.84% Or, what is the best way to set up a term deposit?