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    Term deposits

    For the sake of the example, say you put $50000 into a term deposit for 12 months, are you better to do 12 x consecutive 1 month accounts at 2.5% or 1 x 12 month term paid monthly at 5.84% Or, what is the best way to set up a term deposit?
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    Telstra as a Pseudo Term Deposit

    I'm planning on using TLS as a variation on a term deposit. With the dividend guarenteed for the next 12 (to 24?) months, the fully franked return is at 14%. Obviously a lot higher than the going rates for term deposits, such as 6.41% through UBank. Doing some calculations, the price...
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    Alternatives to Term Deposit?

    today ING reduced their 90Days FD rate from 7.25% to 6.50%, and 180Days is now 5% and 1 Year is a mere 4.5%.. I was wondering about your opinions on where you'd put your spare cash? I am a conservative type saver and FD had been the best option for me for the past years .. Now half of TDs...