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  1. jbocker

    I agree with Dawn (Tomic and Kyrgios)

    I don't think it racist what Dawn Fraser said about Tomic and Kyrgios. The way Tomic performs and the actions of Kyrgios last night was un-Australian, so maybe they would feel more comfortable playing for the birthplace of their fathers / mothers. Never really liked Tomic's behaviour, but have...
  2. J

    Rafael Nadal The Best Tennis Player

    This my Video on Rafael Nadal Which Include His Best Rally, Best Forehand, Backhand and his Banana shots. Please Rate Comment and Favourite.
  3. kennas


    Anyone not watching should turn it on now. Hewett v some Yank. 2 sets a piece and Llynton 3/2 in the last set. COME ONE!!!!!!!!!!