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  1. M

    Current Telstra outages page

    Have this message many times/month "Yes, there's an outage at this location. It is affecting your internet service" But there is no date, time on this page and you can't prove anything by demanding reduce fees for such quality service. How to make Telstra add the date and time to these nice...
  2. A

    Seeking a bit of guidance

    Hi all, First time posting. I am looking for a bit of advice regarding what would be the best move regarding my holdings. I want to concentrate on investing for future financial freedom. I'm 36 years old Car is paid off, no credit cards or personal loans. Just got married and the wife also...
  3. J

    Good time to buy Telstra shares? Or further falls coming?!

    Morning, afternoon, evening! :) I’m a newby. Not much in experience. I wanted to get my feet wet and start off with a trade with Telstra. What does everyone think about these buys? I know there is a lot of negative sentiment out there about Telstra, especially with the drop in dividend payouts...
  4. C

    Telstra buyback

    Hi All I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on what will happen to TLS share price after the Telstra buyback?
  5. Gringotts Bank

    Optus 4G vs. Telstra 3G

    Anyone know how Optus 4G compares to Telstra 3G in terms of coverage and speed? I'd like to try Optus 4G as a mobile broadband solution but not sure if I'm going to be in a black spot at work. Optus shop won't let me trial a modem. They just tell me the coverage map includes my area, but...
  6. B

    Telstra and NBN if the Coalition Win Election

    Hi All, I wondering what the general feeling is towards Telstra if the coalition win the election. Labor have opted for fibre to premise and agreed a contract worth 11 billion with Telstra for the rollout of the NBN. Liberal prefer fibre to the node and say it will be cheaper. David...
  7. T

    Telstra as a Pseudo Term Deposit

    I'm planning on using TLS as a variation on a term deposit. With the dividend guarenteed for the next 12 (to 24?) months, the fully franked return is at 14%. Obviously a lot higher than the going rates for term deposits, such as 6.41% through UBank. Doing some calculations, the price...
  8. K

    Telstra dividends

    i've got some telstra shares... bought them at ave $4.99... i am thinking of selling them but if i sell them now, would i be entitled to the dividend payout? how does paying of dividend works once a company annouces?