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  1. basilio

    TV/Films - What ASF members are watching

    Couldn't find a thread on this topic and there is one for books and music so I thought I'd kick it off. ______________________________________________________________________ I have been following Breaking Bad on ABC 2 recently. It is just very clever and very powerful. Short story is a...
  2. prawn_86

    Commercial TV

    Now i never really watch much TV, but i must say that i have noticed it deteriorating rapidly over the last year or six months. It seems to me as though they have run out of ideas/cant be bothered anymore, as they have the 'standard' veiwer in their palms and they will watch pretty much...
  3. professor_frink

    How bad is locally made tv?

    Well it's official folks, Australian television has hit rock bottom. "the wedge" started on channel ten last night after being heavily promoted recently, it was even worse than I thought it would be. Every unfunny sketch was topped by the next, hitting an extreme low point when hotdogs from big...