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    New teenager to the investment market needs help!

    Hi everybody, I am new to this forum so please let me know if I'm in the wrong place :) I am a 15 year old student I have recently acquired a new passion in investment and money making. I have done some research on how to invest on ASX and am currently reading some books. "How to win...
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    Teenager Wants to Start Investing!

    Hi everyone! I am currently fifteen years old with around $10,000 of money I'm willing to invest. I also have a weekly income of around $100~200. How should I get started? I do not have any financial commitments and don't earn enough to pay tax. I want to start investing but am not sure...
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    Teenager Investing

    Hi guys, I'm 16 and have really grown and interest to the stockmarket and understanding the economy ( do economics and business studies at school) I currently just deposit all my money into a high interest bank account, around 5-6% and have about 6k all up in my account. Is their any...