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  1. Jack Aubrey

    Technology Investing

    I came across this article on how China is currently "destroying" some of its top technology companies. It makes for interesting reading. Why is China smashing its tech industry? I have to admit that I have long had a suspicion that the West's leading "tech" companies are partly smoke and...
  2. frugal.rock

    Tech, AI, Robotics & 5G Stock Exposure via ETF

    Happened across a couple of ETF's seemingly not mentioned on ASF before. I don't know anything about them except Selfwealth has mentioned one of them. RBTZ...
  3. SirRumpole

    The impact of technology on future jobs

    No doubt some here will think that this is socialist nonsense, but you can't deny it's happening now Digital disruption: How science and the human touch can help employees resist the march of the machines
  4. grandia3

    Emerging Technologies

    so for those of you who love gadgets, technology and the like and also those who are science inclined which technology are you most anticipating? I would say the most significant technology that will really influence our life and is more probable than not: witricity - wireless electricity...
  5. Joe Blow

    NUH - Nuheara Limited

    Wild Acre Metals Limited (WAC) is an Australian based gold exploration company with 3 projects focussed in areas of historical mining with a lack of modern exploration and where previous exploration has shown results of high quality but remain where exploration remains incomplete. Quinns...
  6. N

    Save our technology incorporated

    Today I attended a meeting of a small local company with great technology aimed at reducing truck fuel usage by 25%. The technology is proven and ready for production. The company looks like getting wound up because of lack of funds to produce the product. An outcome of today's meeting was the...
  7. 2020hindsight

    Better technology for sport?

    Should there be more decisions for the Third Umpire in cricket? footy etc? Cricket LBW's? Footy offside? forward passes? (I'm probably thinking rugby here - but stand to be corrected or educated about the aerial pingpong game) Soccer offside? Soccer dives? :( We'd have beaten the Iti's...