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  1. S

    The ten important rules of technical trading

    Here the list of ten important rules of technical trading Map the Trends Spot the Trend and Go With It Find the Low and High of It Know How Far to Backtrack Draw the Line Follow That Average Learn the Turns Know the Warning Signs Trend or Not a Trend? Know the Confirming Signs
  2. L

    Trying to find a short term technical trading ideas website

    I am looking for a short term technical trading ideas website on the top 20 Aussie shares. I am looking for one that keeps it simple.
  3. tech/a

    Technical Trading Exercise (Pavilion103 and tech/a) Charts and Spreadsheets

    Ive noticed that over the years most who want to profit from Trading or Investing in Stocks dont actually know how to apply the vast number of analysis options available to them into a profitable trading Plan / Method. Endless theories/ideas/hypothesis and constant changing from one idea...
  4. tech/a

    Technical Trading Exercise (Pavilion103 and tech/a) Discussion

    Back in 2012 Pav mailed me with a request for help. His trading was erratic and he was dis heartened with his results. So we ran a few charts of his to see how I could help. Discretionary technical trading would in my view be one of the hardest trading methods I know of to master. Yet one...
  5. S

    Adelaide Technical Traders Wanted

    Hi all Are there any traders in Adelaide keen to catch up & chat about trading or possibly form a trading group, I have a theory that trading like a business where the parts are broken up & delegated to members keep the emotions out of the discretionary part of making desicions to get in or...
  6. tech/a

    Potential & Breakout trading--Technical tips and tricks

    One of the best forms of trend following entry signals. There is much discussion on both Breakout and Potential breakout threads. While there is some good info offered up there are also lots of trading hints which can increase the traders hit rate/return and understanding of these important...
  7. sam76

    The "For Sale" thread

    A few of the forums I'm a member of have a for sale section. With over 15,000 members here it would seem we might be able to help each other out. As per Joe's approval of the idea perhaps we could leave the thread unlocked so that the seller can go back and either delete/amend their post...
  8. RichKid

    BSG Bolnisi Gold - Technical Trade

    BSG Bolnisi Gold- Technical Trade Bolnisi Gold BSG, check out the pattern. Note the bullish move (flag/triangle?) before falling sharply in early Dec04 and then recovering recently to hit resistance again. Reason for fall was option exercise diluting sp so sp was adjusted by co. Now looking to...